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The VP Team

There are a few ways to get in touch with us. And hey, you can always email the entire VP Team at vpteam (at) vaginapagina (dot) com, or you can write us individually at the addresses listed below. We love to hear from you, so don't be shy!

Founder, Overhen Since Sep. 2001

Bio — Bob birthed VP back in September of 2001 because she thought there ought to be a safe space to talk about vag-related stuff. Aside from VP work, her current jobs involve teaching, finishing her PhD, and raising two tiny people. She emphatically believes that by being an active participant in VP, you're taking part in a revolutionary and life-changing project. Additional interests include: video games and books with dragons in, comics, Japanese animation, and attachment parenting.

LJ ID: rockstarbob
Email: bob (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Aug. 2004

Bio — Jen is geeky, feisty, feminist and weird. She's a twentysomething who currently works in the women's health field and loves it. She's owned by two cats, and lives with her partner in the Northeastern US. Jen believes in education, personal growth, coffee and VP.

LJ ID: jennifer0246
Email: jen (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Aug. 2004

Bio — Sarah is currently a stay-at-home-mom to an awesome kid, a librarian without a library, and a voracious consumer of various media. A VP oldster, she's proud to be part of such a vibrant, accountable space that has touched so many lives - and looks forward to participating in and learning from the community into the future! Other things Sarah is into: food and cooking, environmental and social ethics, yoga, music, YA lit, parenting geekery, and approximately half of the plot-based television shows you can think of.

LJ ID: mangofandango
Email: mango (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Oct. 2005

Bio — Rebecca currently balances a mix of careers between being a Director of IT and a Muscular Therapist while trying to find time for her endless hobbies. She is passionate about female-bodied health issues and is thrilled to be part of a community that creates a safe space while also challenging its members to dig deeper. Nothing is TMI, and she can strike up a conversation about menstrual cups with a complete stranger as easily as talking about the weather. She also finds bliss in yoga, playing music, cooking yummy organic noms (with local produce, of course), and spending as much time outdoors as possible. As you can tell from the picture, she's also a huge animal-lover.

LJ ID: viellen
Email: viellen (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Mar. 2006

Bio — Tori is an English teacher who loves to help people find the information they need in order to make educated choices in their lives. This is especially true with respect to vaginal and sexual health, issues she thinks have too long been taboo.

LJ ID: frolicnaked
Email: frolicnaked (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Aug. 2006

Bio — Jocey is a feminist, a bookworm, and a believer in progress through education. She's happy and proud to be part of the VP experience, and believes that in contributing to this awesome, empowering, sex- and body-positive online community, VP members are, as a collective, making the world a better place. When not working on improving the world via VP, Jocey enjoys running, knitting, beer, and making fancy-ass cupcakes.

LJ ID: jocelina
Email: jocelina (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Apr. 2009

Bio — Eli spends a lot of time thinking about queerness, disability, consent, and what's for dinner. E is currently languishing in Master's programs in Gender and Cultural Studies and English literature and just starting to see the light at the end of that particular tunnel. Outside of school, eir interests include buffalo wings, re-reading books, scouring Netflix for close-captioned TV shows e actually wants to watch, and dismantling the kyriarchy. Eli also does the weekly Links Round-Up and is always looking for suggestions.

LJ ID: also_warriors
Email: recidivist (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Apr. 2009

Bio — Gracie is a twentysomething Texan who's held pretty much every job in reproductive health out there, from med/surg assisting to rape crisis work to contraceptive counseling to labor support. Currently in pursuit of a midwifery degree, she's had a lifelong passion for women's health and wellness, particularly in the areas of pregnancy, birth, and reproductive rights. Aside from women's health, her interests include music, fanfiction, Harry Potter, and mothering her feline daughter. She's a firm believer that knowledge is power, and that there's no such thing as a stupid question.

LJ ID: shyshutterbug
Email: shyshutterbug (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Apr. 2009

Bio — Caroline is a lover, a creator, a childcare provider, an artist and a passionate advocate about stopping the rampant spread of misinformation, particularly about sexual health. She lives in sunny So-Cal and has a heart chamber (or two) left in her home state of Michigan. When she's not surgically attached to her computer she loves to read, hang out with her SO & cats, spend hours at her sewing machine, knit, and travel. Her latest goal in life is to become a doula and attend a midwifery college. When she's not busy working her every day job, or reading VP, she is squeezing in as much cloth pad production and knitting into her days as possible.

LJ ID: poppleshatesyou
Email: poppleshatesyou (at) vaginapagina (dot) com

Safe Space Maintainer Since Nov. 2011

Bio — Alex is a baby volcanologist in their spare time. When not messing about with rocks they can often be found shouting about trans* (especially genderqueer) rights, earlier diagnosis of endometriosis, and books with dragons in.

LJ ID: kaberett
Email: kaberett (at) vaginapagina (dot) com